Whistleblower Representation

Whistleblower Representation

Tantillo Law has a nationwide practice representing qui tam/whistleblower clients in lawsuits throughout the country. Our success in this area is based upon our deep experience working with the Department of Justice, combined with our vast trial skills and knowledge of the constantly developing body of Federal whistle blower laws. The firm’s Managing Shareholder, Brent Tantillo, has spent over 10 years working at the Department of Justice and was awarded Special Commendation by Attorney General, Eric Holder, during that period.

In these high stakes cases under the False Claims Act (FCA), Tantillo Law’s highly experienced trial lawyers have the unique expertise to work successfully with the government regulators and investigators. These government officials rely on the information that only a whistleblower can provide to bring about reforms or prosecute major cases.

We work with our whistleblower clients to determine which laws are applicable, present the strongest possible case, and often engage the Department of Justice. As a result, we have exposed many fraudulent and dangerous schemes and obtained substantial amounts in recovery for our clients.

At the same time, we place the highest priority on protecting our clients’ interests and reputations. Many whistleblowers with inside information may potentially have civil and criminal exposure. The firm’s attorneys, experienced in representing individuals in white-collar criminal cases, assist clients when navigating these complex matters. In addition, our extensive litigation services include substantial counseling related to both government intervention and the successful management and development of associated publicity.

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